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Amanda van der Merwe

Amanda van der Merwe

Helping people has always been my passion. Through SDF Corp I can achieve my goals ensuring that companies fully benefit by doing business with us. My business model ensures maximum points and I believe that information and knowledge is free. It is what you do with it, that matters.

SDF Corp. has over 20 years’ of providing our clients with the best strategic business solutions to help them navigate complicated and often cumbersome legislation in order to get the most out of Skills Development. We have over 70 years’ combined experience that we use to help South African SMMEs to grow and take their business to the next level of professionalism, compliance, and development.

As a sustainable Exempted Micro Black Beneficiary Enterprise, we understand the challenges of running a business in South African development legislation and we can provide strategic solutions that serves to the benefit of every client’s business.


Satisfied Clients

Our vision is to create a business solution for Skills Development that provides service excellence in all client dealings, the highest customer satisfaction, and a 100% success rate on our clients’ outcomes. We believe that providing Skills Development in the workplace will make our business and economic landscape soar and we want to see each of our clients and their people succeed and benefit from South African legislation.

Each unit in the SDF Corp Group was created to complement all other aspects of our service delivery, making us an integrated and comprehensive solution for South African clients and multinationals trading in South Africa. Our units developed as a result from addressing specific problems that we could not otherwise solve, which means that synergy is at our core and smooth dealings come naturally.

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