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Enterprise Development is the initiative that promotes entrepreneurship and aids the survival of young businesses through support and guidance.

SDF Commodities as a Supplier Manager is a facilitator of this process, incubating small businesses to deliver with the backing and support of an entire support structure.

Incubating black-owned SMMEs to perform and grow

Connecting businesses to reliable black-owned SMMEs

Creating procurement that benefits the buyer’s BEE

Our database connects your business to black-owned SMMEs.

Through SDF Commodities, your supplier procurement is facilitated to promote your BEE score and build new, young businesses.

We partner with TVET Colleges to incubate young businesses, who can then become economic participants. Our Preferential Procurement Database connects you to 100% black-owned SMMEs while we support these businesses with learning, mentoring, financing platforms, and sustainability to deliver:

Conduct an environmental analysis of opportunities and threats in your industry and markets and advise you on the most beneficial way forward

Set up the processes and structures that your choice of participation requires

You choose the service: Preferential Procurement, Supplier Development, Enterprise Development, Supply Chain, or Business Services

We monitor and evaluate the actual performance of these processes against the strategic plan


Skills Development
SDF Corp handles your WSP and ATR submissions to secure funding for Skills Programmes through Mandatory and Distretionary SETA grants


Employment Equity
Our approach to Employment Equity is strategic and honest, and includes your employees in each step to minimise risk while promoting compliance


A proven strategic approach to get you the B-BBEE level you need, working with what you already have to make the most of BEE compliance


Maximise your Enterprise and Supplier Development through enterprise incubation to build a sustainable supply chain, without adding to your burden


HR and IR
Nurture sustainable employee relations, ensuring the right systems are in place to prevent issues before they happen and handling issues correctly when they do


Health and Safety
We provide a range of Occupational Health and Safety Services to ensure your compliance is easy and hassle-free, whether you work in an office, factory, or classroom


We help you plan AND execute on Skills Programmes with accredited training and Learnerships that has the success of learners at its core to help them succeed 


At SDF Corp, you aren’t one of a million. Our approach is to work closely alongside your team, and to function as part of your team. Your success is our success, and we are proud to produce strategic solutions that are the perfect fit for your needs

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