We all hear stories about them, and chances are you will have at least one during the course of your life. I am, of course, referring to a boss. Now, it is worth noting that having a boss is not always as bad as TV may have had you believe. It is also worth noting that having a boss can be far worse than TV might have had you believe. In the working world, you will have superiors. Always. Even the CEO usually has to answer to investors, or his wife. And if you do end up working for any kind of company, chances are you will have a boss. Now generally, bosses are quite strict, which is to be expected because they usually have someone above them who expects things to get done, and this is how the food chains of corporations play out. If you work for yourself though, then you’re most likely your own boss, which can present a whole other range of challenges.

Sometimes though, and this is a big “sometimes.” You find a job, and consequentially, a boss, who isn’t horrible, or out to get you, or your enemy, but rather simply just, someone who understands that work needs to get done, and that that works needs to get done by employees. Employees who do have bad days. A boss who doesn’t expect you to do everything for him, but rather wants to encourage you to do your best, in the hopes that you will WANT to do your best for him/her. Usually a win-win situation, if you will.

If you do have a boss of this calibre, then you’re actually very lucky, and you probably should think twice before signing that resign form. In fact, to call this person a “boss” almost feels like a disservice. A more politically correct term would probably be leader. In which case (and I don’t want to sound bossy) you should count your blessings. A leader is only going to lead you to greater things later on in life.

The main point of this thrown around article however, is that YOU might be a boss to someone below you, and it’s important to know that it is possible to lead them, without being a jerk. Not being bossy, but rather leader-y. Be the change and all that. Maybe your boss might even notice, and who knows what could happen then.