After settling into your nice and cosy job, there will come a time when you want to spend just a little bit of time away from that nice and cosy job. Basically, you would like to leave the office for a while.  Appropriately this lovely little phenomenon our owners, I mean, bosses, allow us, is called: Leave.

We apply for leave, take leave, enjoy leave, and some people even live for leave. Sad I know.  Their life is divided between the time they spend at work, and the time they do not spend at work.  Your office is a desert and leave is the precious last drop of water that you need to ensure you’ll keep going in the sun.   They spend day after day counting the amount of “days off” that the world “owes” them, and when an opportunity arises to use these accumulated glory days, the rest of the world just has to stand back.

Now, if you are not one of these people, great. In fact, I’m proud of you.  Whoever you are, just know that out there in the world, someone really is genuinely proud of you.  You might think it’s a ridiculous notion but these days so few people actually enjoy what they do. So much so that when I do meet someone who uses their leave days in moderation, it fills me with a strong tinge of eloquent adoration.  You go you.

Taking leave in moderation is the way to do it. Seeing leave as a chance to relax and recuperate from all the hard work you have been doing is another way you should be doing it.  And by “it” I mean life.

The actual meat of this article is not really about why we take leave though; it’s actually about getting back into the swing of work when you’re suddenly not in that environment anymore for a few days. Because of the unpredictability of leave, often times we aren’t prepared for it.  We dance to our habits and schedules, and now my schedule no longer includes mailing admin documents for five hours.  Now your schedule is: you have no schedule.  You’ve left the schedule, hence: leave.  I’m sure by now you understand the word’s applicability to love, life, and everything.

Getting back into that work habit again can be difficult. How difficult exactly varies in terms of how long you were away, and also what you were doing while you were on away.  It’s an interesting topic because there is not one correct way.  Some people enjoy working straight through the entire year; while others prefer several small breaks spread out evenly.  Personally I’m the latter. I could never work the entire year and only take leave at the end.  I don’t think my body would be able to handle it.  Dammit body.

I’ve found that the swing of things usually start to take habit after about three days back from the vacation/holiday you were on. Back to work and back to the office.

However, and I know it’s difficult, but try not to be upset that your leave is over. If you had leave all the time then you would be unemployed, literally. Leave is only special because we don’t receive it in abundance.  Instead of being sad that it’s over, be glad that it happened, Ma’ always used to say.

Do you have any personal methods that you use to get back into the motions when returning from leave? We’d love to know!