Social media have become an integral part of our society. If someone’s not on Facebook, we seriously question their entire existence. In certain cases social media can not only provide a platform for relaxation, but also be used for work. LinkedIn becomes our primary networking tool, Facebook the official background check on new colleagues and Twitter our source of industry news.One platform people often underestimate for professional purposes, is Pinterest (assuming you can stay on topic and don’t end up browsing 7 boards filled with baby animals – these things happen). Pinterest can become a powerful professional tool in many ways:

  1. Organising your desk and desktop. You never need to save seven folders of images to use in the future, or online articles saved to your desktop until you get around to reading them. Pinterest will keep all of them neatly on your boards, ready to be accessed from any device.
  2. Creating moodboards for projects or proposals. You never have to ponder over Picasa again to try and create a collage – simply include a link to your Pinterest board in any pitch or presentation and have all your ideas and inspiration ready at the click of a button.
  3. Sourcing ideas for work outfits and clothing you would like to include in your professional wardrobe.
  4. Gathering ideas for office parties, dress-up ideas for themed office parties, planning office events, checklists for events and all the like. And of course sharing these pins and boards with colleagues working on the same project.
  5. Find articles about professional daily issues – deciphering dress codes, office arrangements and DIY tips for your desk, you name it.
  6. Creating a board for your office to help each other stay inspired, motivated, or with dress code related pins or niche articles of your industry.

Any young professional in the corporate industries of communications, PR or design would surely be lost without social media. Consider adding Pinterest to the mix to boost your productivity! Drop us a comment below on how you use different social media platforms to get ahead professionally.