The Office (An American Workplace) finished in 2013. It still remains one of my favourite series of all times, filled with the absolute ordinary. Which is 1) relatable and 2) full of good points. Here is what The Office teaches all young professionals:

1. You will grow and find yourself.

Like Pam, it takes time to learn to love yourself, gain confidence and courage and believe in what you deserve.

2.  It’s okay to walk away.

Again, Pam taught us that walking away (from her relationship) after a long time doesn’t mean you give up. It means you need more and are willing to give something up to be true to yourself. And it’s not easy, but definitely worth it.

3. Your boss may be an idiot.

Someone appointed in a higher rank than you are, is not necessarily more skilled or qualified or better at the job than you are. Title is not everything.

4. The love of your life may be a colleague.

You never know when you will meet the proverbial ‘One’. While many, many, many people and articles warn against relationships at work, the love of your life may be sitting across from your desk. Don’t let convention deter you.

5. Appreciate the moments that make up life.

As Andy said: “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days, while you are still in them.” One day you’ll look back and miss the times you had in that office.

6. Think before you do.

Especially in the office. In the wise words of Dwight, think “Would an idiot do that?” and if the answer is yes, then don’t do that thing.

7. Don’t shy away from your dreams.

Jim made the massive leap to rather work at a start-up, and he took his opportunity in the most sensible way, while not jumping irrationally into something.

8. But remember the important things.

Jim was willing to give up his dream in order to save his marriage, honouring his commitment as husband and father.

9. Always leave on a good note.

Never burn your bridges and when the time comes for you to move on from your office, part ways on a good note.

10. Enjoy your days in the office and the people you work with.

As Jim said, “the people we work with are the ones we end up spending our lives with”. Make friends, share experiences and make your office a place you enjoy going to.