The title of this post is all you need to read. I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I came across this phrase. It may have been slightly different and I remembered it wrong… who knows. That being said, truer words have not been spoken (written?) in my opinion.

The end of 2015 is approaching at warp-speed. Generally this time of year goes along with great change for most people. Finishing up the last year of of university; waiting until January 2016 to finally quit your job; starting to lose that winter weight; deciding if you should use your first bonus paycheck to enroll for your Master’s or to buy a 55” flatscreen. Heavy stuff. Hard choices. Difficult changes.

At the end of 2014 I did the unspeakable: I told my dad “at least 2015 can’t be as bad as 2014”. Then Murphy overheard, accepted the challenge and while it was in many ways a great year, it was in many other ways the shittiest year imaginable. And amidst all of these changes, looking back and looking forward, you have to ask yourself the one question: what am I doing next?

This is an important thing to do. Which inadvertently means it is effing hard. It’s hard because you need to be honest with yourself about things you are avoiding, most likely. But it’s also vital in order to move on. To grow. To find yourself (gag, such a cliché!). That’s what our 20s are for, right?

The wonder of this post’s title lies in this: it doesn’t look back. You might need to have a quick glance over your shoulder at the past to make sure where you came from, but from thereon out it’s all about going forward. Regardless of what lies behind us, the only thing that matters is what we do next. Where we are going to end up.

If you’re leaving university for good, or jumping into a new career, or relationship, or jumping out of a bad career or bad relationship, leave behind the good and the bad that is in the past because really, everything in life comes down to this: what you do next. You can choose change. You can choose comfort. You can choose courage or bravery or the unknown or the familiar or the comforting.

The next best part is the fact that nobody is in this with you. What YOU choose next. By implication it means that if you don’t choose what you’re doing next, somebody’s going to be making the choice for you. Parents, significant others, siblings, friends, colleagues – they will all try to influence you with varying degrees of pressure. And that might prevent you from ending up where you wanted to be. If ever there was a time to sack up and make your own choices, it’s now.

Making your own decisions about your own future? Not the worst habit to pick up in your 20s, I’d say.