Being friendly at work goes a long way to making each day more enjoyable. But in the office, it goes a longer way to be very friendly to the right people. Though you should probably strive to be really nice to everyone. But making certain… affiliations with specific people could make your life a lot easier.

  1. The IT people. If you work with computers at all, these guys are crucial. They probably have the crappiest job ever, so make sure to be nice to them. They are most likely completely overworked and have to deal with retards on a daily basis, and making enemies with them can easily cause the call you logged being moved to the bottom of the line. Forward them funny emails, give them friendly calls. This will make them 83% more inclined toward helping you when you have a retard-moment with your computer (which will inevitable happen). On the up side, they are often some of the most pleasant people you will get to know and you can end up making real friends.
  2. The admin staff of different departments. Because if you need anything, these are going to be the one’s who can help you. While managers are often overloaded with communication, talking to the admin staff can give you the extra edge to get the job done.
  3. Switchboard/Reception. Staff working the switchboard or reception is on the front line of the company. The see everything happening in reception, which can sometimes be very entertaining. They too probably endure their fair share of verbal abuse. Being on friendly terms with them can give you access to useful information about who stormed in or out of the office or where the vending machine disappeared to.
  4. The cleaning staff. This is an important one. Be nice to the people who clean up after your butt in the office. This is just common decency.
  5. The person who understands the printer better than you do. I’m just speaking for myself, but those huge printers intimidate me. And I’m deadly afraid of breaking ours. Therefore, I quickly identified the office’s Printer Whisperer and I’m being really nice to her (okay, I probably would have been really nice to her anyway – since she’s awesome). But it really helps to know who knows what the printer’s optical photoconductor is when you need to print something in a hurry and it just won’t play along.
  6. That one person in the company who always knows everything about the company. Who knows exactly who is who, where to find an obscure HR policy, how to calculate your leave or what the strange code on your payslip means. It just makes life so much easier.

Comment below if I missed an important ally you need in the office – I’ll add them to the list.