The word innovation (from the Latin innovare) has been horribly overused these past few years, almost tripling in use since the 60’s. We innovate to bring new things to life – ideas become reality and the impossible is made possible.

The term innovation can be defined as something original and more effective. While a novel device is often described as an innovation, innovation is generally considered to be a process that brings together various novel ideas in a way that they have an impact on society. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available.

Now, why all this?

The term innovation has quickly become worn down. Around every corner, someone is innovating – a new twist to something old and then claiming it to be revolutionary. In order to restore glory to the word INNOVATION, we need to look at what it truly means. More importantly, how it truly comes to life in practice.

2016: The Year of Great Ideas

If you have no goals for 2016, you can stop reading now. If you have decided this is going to be your year – be it personal, in your career, with your finances, your family, your hobbies – then definitely read on. Innovation can be applied to every aspect of your life, but let’s start with the reason that gives us money – your career.

In business, like in all other aspects of life, the best way to move forward is through constant change.  Changes may be small, medium, or  large – and then there’s the revolution. One idea that is so big, it cannot be ignored.  When we are talking corporate innovation, a good approach might be to go completely over the top by asking ourselves:


We are not meekly aiming to “shake things up” or  casually “optimize existing systems” – no, we’re disrupting an entire way of thinking. Shaking the industry from the ground up. Causing complete chaos and anarchy.

In order to get on this train of thought, it’s going to take a few drastic thoughts to get started. This involves thinking like an entrepreneur. Ask yourself: How can we completely change the rules of the game? Put the company out of business? And then do exactly that. Put the old ways out of business, and replace it with something more dynamic and effective than ever before (don’t actually put your company out of business. Unless that was your 2016 goal).

Dipping your toes in the innovative waters

Ask yourself questions like:

  1. How can we deliver MORE value to our clients?
  2. Is there a market segment we’re ignoring or overlooking?
  3. How can we produce a higher quality client experience?

No matter what your career or personal goals for 2016 – remember to change the rules of the game completely, and you will see things happen you never thought possible. Struggling with that diet? Imagine the life of a career adventurer as your alter ego, then stick to their diet you imagined. Aiming to have a six-pack by June? Do 10 sit ups each time you see an advertisement on TV for a product you already use. Have you set a goal to budget better, read more or get out more often? Change the game by disrupting everything that has been done before, changing it to complete chaos and instilling a new order of business: yours.