So, I will tell you now that I am writing this article because of all the time I have been spending in the gym; do not believe me! I have been trying to go to the gym 5 times per week, but I do not get further than 3 times per week. During my time there, I have written this blog post in my head numerous times, but every time I forget it. Today I decided to sit my but down and put it on paper. Since this face has been in the gym again (for real’s now), I literally have the picture of every person in these categories in my head.

  1. The body builders

Like every gym, my gym has the body builder group. These groups of guys use more loose weights than there are available at 5pm in the afternoon. They leg press, bench press and squat more than they weigh. Somehow, it also seems like all of them know each other. I do not like to use a stereotype of steroids (because I know people train hard to look like they do), but if I liked using stereotypes I will be saying they probably knew each other from selling steroids to each other. Their veins are like a road map of oxygen across their bodies; and suddenly my eyes move to their ring finger to see if some girl found this attractive. Most of the times, it is a yes. One thing that I can say about these guys, is that they are truly in the gym to gym and not look around and socialize.

  1. The wanna-bee body builders

Most of the times these groups are made up from university students and senior high school boys. They stand around in groups with their not-so-expensive gym gear. Most of the times these groups will have flat caps on and gym in sweat pants together with Vans or other sneakers. They will spot each other, just for in case, where the real adult body builders do not spot each other anymore. If your gaze meet them outside of the gym they will either be driving Polo’s or leave the premises with a motorcycle. Once again I do not use stereotypes but if I did I will actually categorize these guys as doosh-bags looking for a girlfriend in the gym. Yes, and as I just stated, they are most of the time not in the gym to only exercise; they like socializing and looking around for hot girls doing squats in very short ski pants.

  1. The popular girls

These are the groups of girls that take over the gym or the gym bathroom for that matter. They are loud and walk around as if they live in the gym. No, dear reader, I am NOT jealous. It actually irritates me that these girls are just so loud and obnoxious. These girls are also first in the classes and their whole group takes up the entire space. These girls stand behind you and laugh and make you wonder if they are laughing at you. Actually what happened was, I was doing a squat in a class in front of them, and they where laughing. Immediately I wondered if my underwear was visible to them. Okay, so maybe I am a bit biased about this group due to obvious reasons. But come on, we all have them right? The main member of this group in my gym, have matching shoes and shirts for every outfit. Who have money to buy 6 pairs of Nike shoes all in different colours?

  1. The 40 year old who think she’s a 20 year old

So, this group is a small group. And here I will confess that I am jealous. I would like to look like some of the 40 year old house moms that I see every day. Maybe, for all that I know, their children already left the nest and they have nothing more to do. But on the other side, they may be super health conscious and not been eating bread for like 10 years. These ladies have the best gym clothing and the newest pastel colour tekkies. Their hair is mostly in a perfect ponytail. The younger male generation stare at them with mouths wide open and the TWO focus points on their chest are mostly the reason.

  1. The father and son combo

I am not sure if every gym has this pair, but our gym certainly does. This father and son combo gyms in long ski pants paired with a Gold’s gym wife beater vest. I am not sure where you find these vests but they most certainly own one in every colour. Weirdly, they dress almost the same.

  1. The power couple

Being a part of a couple than goes to them gym together, I would like to believe that I fall in this category. But the truth is, I just don’t. The type of couple I am talking about is the super hot couple that trains together. The guy helps the girl when a weight is to heavy and the girl looks at her man as if he is the only one that matters. Not that my SO does not matter, but when I am in the gym I am dressed in a boys shirt and my wet hair is stuck against my forehead- not hot. The power couple that I am talking about is absolute couple goals. Tight muscles, blonde hair and perfect skin. They arrive in a Toyota Hilux and leave hand in hand, probably to their perfect home.

  1. The softies

The softies group is my personal opinion. I like to gym hard and do high intensity training. This group is those girls that walk into the gym with slops on, and stand and wait in front of the Pilates or yoga class. They all are dressed as dancers and you will never find then on any gym equipment ever. They also carry their gym bags with them and never take the time to walk to the locker room. Most of the time all of them also know each other. They are friendly but reserved, and you must be in their class more than once a week before they acknowledge you.

  1. The cardio junkies

Dear reader, if you have ever belonged to a gym you will know the types of people I am about to explain now. As you know, there are limited time frames you are allowed on the cardio machines during peak hours. These people will take up a treadmill for 1 hour if they want to, and not to mention leave it soaking wet in their salty sweat after completing a run. You will never ever see these people on the gym equipment training with weights. Most of the times they are thin human beings dressed in marathon clothing.

  1. The socializers

As a person that likes to gym alone with earphones blasting in my ears, I personally despise this group of people. They take up space in the gym just to gossip about something that happened over the weekend. These girls sit around for hours on the machines, mats and bicycles showing each other pictures on Facebook or Instagram and gossiping about other hot guys in the gym. Please do not think that girls only make up this group, as it is clearly not. The males within this group walk around in the weight section talking to every guy in there. They greet each other and either talk about their gains or the new supplement they are using. Please note, dear reader that I am not saying no one should be socializing in the gym, but rather they should do it out of the way.

  1. The normal

I would like to think that I fall within this group (I hope). These people are just normal. We go to the gym for a hour, do our thing and leave. We know a few people and greet each other and that is that. We wear oversized boys shirts (normal girl shirts are also normal), and we go about our training. We watch in awe when a girl with chiseled legs enter the gym and shiver when a gross sweaty guy with pimples sweat all over the machine you wanted to use next. We sweat like normal people, and we move between cardio and weights. Sometimes we feel in need of quietness in a Pilates class and other times we train like beasts in the Cross Fit class. I believe it is all about balance.

Dear reader, this is my opinion about my gym. This is what I have been seeing for 1 year now. Please let us know what you see in your gym and if you can relate with this article.