So, dear reader, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an updated blog article about my health journey. A lot has happened in the meanwhile and a comment I received on my “Dear fat girl: the calm before the storm” post made me realise that I owe it to all the readers to post another article.

So in my last blog post, I was supposed to visit the dietician on 9 March, as it happened I only visited her on 29 March (after a long weekend camping weekend with my friends). On that visit I only lost another 1 kg and 2% fat, which is really good, but I wasn’t happy with it. I started my weight loss diet on 4 April of this year. On Sunday 1 May I’ve already lost another 3kg’s.  In January I started this journey with 21kg’s to lose in order to reach my goal weight, today I only have 13kg’s to go.

But, dear reader, this is not a weightloss blog post. This is an update on my health issues that led me to be this insecure about my body. I was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday 3 May, as an emergency patient. You see, I kept on emailing my Urologist that the pain on my bladder was not going away and that my urine dipstick at my house doctor’s office kept on testing positive for bladder infection. So, 3 courses of antibiotics further as well as 3 months of permanent antibiotics, she replied to my last emailing stating that I must be admitted.

When I was in the hospital for 8 days, I started writing a new blog post that I wanted to post. As it just happened, this post took a whole other turn, so I will just go with it for now.

So here I am, admitted on 3 May, not knowing why. I student nurse booked me in and started asking me questions. She asked me why I was admitted and I could not answer her, so she phoned my Urologist. I was informed that I have bad kidney- and kidney pipe infection. My first thought was, wow, okay well let’s sort this out – at least the medical aid will be paying for everything done in the hospital. They pricked me 6 times with different size needles before my drip was successful. I received one bottle of neon green liquid into my veins every day with a hand full of other medication. Two days later they did a test to find my infection count and it was 8 – not too bad. Also, a scan showed that my lymph nodes were swollen in my stomach and intestines. I was told that it must be the infection. As the days past, I was generally feeling worse and sick.

After 4 days the Urologist said she does not know what to do with me anymore, and my Gynocologist must come and visit me. They did another test to see how my infection count was doing, and it showed that the count increased from 8 to 25 – clearly something was not right. The Urologist arranged for a general surgeon to come and see me. The general surgeon came to me on the Friday. He informed me that he wants to do a colonoscopy and gastroscopy on Monday. I was alone in the hospital the rest of the weekend – and it was bad. I was bored and all my friends went to a Tequila Festival. All of my friends, however, came to visit on Thursday and Friday before the weekend, and their support meant the world to me! Every single one of the people in my life visited, brought gifts and something nice to eat and asked for updates over the phone – during these 2 weeks I could really see who cares about me. On Monday I phoned the gynecologist’s office and begged her to come and see me ; she never received the message that she should’ve come to me sooner. Right there and then, one hour before I was due to go into theater, I begged her to do a laparoscopy on me. She said yes and the rest is history.

So here I am today: After 2 weeks in the hospital and after 2 years of struggling with my weight and bladder infections, the Gynocologist finally found level 3 endometriosis on my bladder, my gut, and my ovary. As I look down on my 3 small cuts on my stomach and in my navel I now know that all of this was worth it. In the end, my doctors came through and found what was wrong with me. I finally know now that I am not crazy or looking for attention for always having pain. Suddenly my IBS is better, my stomach is not swollen anymore and I can just live again. I will be seeing my Gynocologist again end of August to ensure that she removed all the endometriosis, as well as my dietician to see how my weight has been doing since January. I am very lucky to say that I have not picked up one single gram of weight since going to the hospital ; I’ve been eating a lot and not exercising at all!

I am now dedicated to getting well again and go back to the gym after 6 weeks. I am also dedicated to getting back to my diet 100% and focus on just being well and look after myself. I am truly Blessed and showered with Grace.