I’ve previously blogged about finding strength in those around you, when you simply can’t disappoint them. There’s a horrible flip side to this – when you do. You do disappoint those who believe in you.

Every now and again, you come across the most amazing people. A person who is driven, self-assured, always in charge, always responsible, always capable. I believe we tend to put those people on pedestals. And life happens, and they fall off. And it seems so much worse because nobody expected them to ever fail.

Honestly, this is insane – expecting perfection. Someone close to me have recently felt like they’ve fallen from their pedestal. And it was met with fear, shock, betrayal, rejection and other things that made her doubt her self-worth. INSANE, I tell you. And this one goes out to her – now holding on for dear life. Three things she needs to know.

We all fall down. We can’t stay upright all the time. Every person has a story of their hardest fall and given enough time, they laugh at it because there’s not much really you can do about it. You’ll get there too.

This is the opportunity to rid yourself of those who are too weak to be around you when you are not strong. It’s the real-life equivalent of cleaning up your Facebook friends. Those who will not stand beside you when you fall, don’t deserve standing beside you when you’re on top.

Sometimes, life just screws you a tiny bit (from behind). It’ll happen again. How you handle this, will shape how you handle it 20 years from now. Use this opportunity wisely, and make choices that are good for YOU, not others. They probably won’t be there the next time you get screwed, so catering for them now won’t help you much in the future.

Luckily, I know you well enough to know that you will not be kept down. You will not let this diminish who you are. Or let yourself be defined by an isolated incident. Or allow anyone to hold you to this. Or to live in fear of falling again. No – you will continue blazing through life true to yourself, organising and obsessing and helping others who have fallen. Always driven, self-assured, always in charge, always responsible, always capable. Holding on for dear life.

With Love,

Dear Life