I wish I were punching more than keys on my keyboard tonight.

One of the greatest human flaws is undeniably our haste. Impatience at getting what we want. Yes, some people were blessed with more patience than others. We’ll thank them for having such a high EQ and move on.

The harsh reality is that we all have to deal with our own impatience. Impatience to realise your dreams (you really do want that white picket fence, don’t you?), to get than degree or qualification, to get that promotion or drive that new car. Unfortunately, waiting is a hard part of life we simply have to get around because we can’t have everything we want, when we want it.

I may be projecting a bit here (thinking specifically of my PhD supervisor and having to wait for feedback on my latest draft before I can continue writing), and I really do want a white picket fence and a German Shepherd on my bed. But I can’t have that now and that makes me want to Punch Something. It’s not the most mature way to cope with a severe lack of EQ, I’ll admit, but such is life.

In dealing with Punching Something days, here’s my list of 5 recommended coping mechanisms. All tried and tested and each found to be lacking in some way or another, but it’s the best we’ve got.

  1. Set those short term goals. Short term goals are a great way of keeping yourself busy while you wait for your dreams to magically become reality, and they keep you motivated and driven. Each small victory boosts your determination and drive. For example: You can’t wait to have a house with a large, modern contemporary kitchen – then start buying a predetermined collection of cooking ware or fancy pots and pans to one day use in your kitchen-yet-to-come.
  2. Keep your mind and hands busy. Taking up a hobby is great for this and also the reason I now own a horribly deformed arm-knitted bunny. Commit to reading a new series of books, watching an old TV series you’ve never gotten around to (also the reason I’ve seen five seasons of American Dad! over the course of the past 8 days) or finally start that DIY project for your bedroom wall.
  3. Resist measuring yourself by others’ successes. Facebook makes it really hard to stay out of touch with people and seeing that your best friend from primary school have just bought her first house with her husband… well, let’s just say it may be a trigger for Punching Something. Whatever you do, remember that your own good and bad choices have led you to this point in your life and bear in mind that they are probably just bluffing themselves on a daily basis, too. If it upsets you that much, grab a notebook and pen and start revising the short term goals that will bring you closer to your long term goals.
  4. Sharing is Caring. No matter what anyone tells you, everything you have inside feels a little bit easier to cope with when you share it with someone else. Buy some ice cream, phone your SO/BFF and commence bitching sequence.
  5. Revisit your previous successes. Reminiscing about previous experiences and happenings when you achieved exactly what you wanted, especially after being patient, can help you gain perspective on your current situation. A kind of “everything will be all right in the end” perspective. Make a list, if you have to.

Granted, successfully coping with Punching Something days may require a combination of the above methods, feel free to let us know what works for you!