This post is dedicated to a few really, really special people in my life right now.

Most people don’t try. They try to try, but they give up. They think they want to try, but when push comes to shove it’s easier to give up. They promise to try, and when it gets hard they stop and think no one will notice.

This is why most people, cannot be tolerated by the Tryers (triers? those who really try – I’ll stick to Tryers). The Tryers are the ones who try their damn hardest. At one thing or at all things. They set their minds to something and they commit to that. They’re realistic – they realise they’ll fail and then try harder. They realise it will be difficult and then try to plan around the difficult times and make provisions to deal with it. They simply set their minds to their goals and they will tenaciously chase them like a Jack Russell trying to catch a bus. And some mornings they wake up and they really don’t want to try anymore. Then they get up and try some more. They will never stop trying, because it is simply in their nature to try. They place these huge burdens on themselves and they carry it because they want to. And they keep on finding these reserve strengths in themselves to always give it one last shot.

Socially, Tryers tend to band together. Mostly because they have little to no respect for people who don’t try. A Tryer will never be able to be best friends with, or have an SO who is not a Tryer too. They are few and far between, but they seek each other out (subconsciously I’m sure) based on this one quality of Trying.

By now I’m sure you have identified with one of these groups. If you’re a Tryer, you immediately recognized yourself. If you didn’t… you’re most likely a non-Tryer. You can leave now, thank you.

The rest of this is a tribute to Tryers. Because you’ll see them try, and try, and fail, and give up a tiny bit but then try again. And that is just an amazing quality to claim. It’s also really hard.

Continuous trying is really hard because:

  1. You have to live up to your own expectations. Falling short of someone else’s expectations is much easier to falling short of your own, unfortunately. Disappointing yourself never really seems like an option.
  2. You have to find the courage to keep trying within yourself.

To all the Tryers, then. You are a magnificent, spectacular and endangered species.

Most people will never in their life know excellence – you will. Keep that in your head always.

Compare yourself to non-Tryers and feel a bit superior every now and then (not out loud, but in your head at least). You’re allowed a certain quota of superiority.

If you do decide to voice your superiority, be sure to back it up with convincing evidence of your Tries and Try-agains.

Keep yourself surrounded by other Tryers – they’ll inspire you and motivate you and trying will then be natural and easy.

Don’t try to do everything though. Decide on what aspects in your life is most try-worthy and take a break now and again.

Do not allow someone to steal your fire. To smother your flame. Do not settle, ever.

Of course you won’t, because you are time and again rewarded for your efforts through success and excellence and achievement and satisfaction.