For a while, Natania and I had a policy to not use swear words in our posts. This led to me having to rewrite A LOT of content before posting it.

Our reasons were solid. We don’t want to offend anyone (you know, if our moms ever found the blog…). However, a while ago we got talking about courage to be yourself and how we inhibit ourselves, filter our personality, clothes and actions according to what others may think.

This had us in a bit of an existential panic. Where we suppressing ourselves out of fear of what others may think or say? In our process of self-censorship, are we too critical of ourselves? Frankly, what is the real reason we’re not in our bikinis – is it because we really hate ourselves or because we are really afraid of other’s opinions of us? We didn’t really come to a conclusion on this and eventually decided that while we respect others for not giving a damn, we will keep on giving a damn for now.

For me, however, I’m trying to give a bit less of a damn at this point. Which means that some choice curse words may find its way into a few posts. And some unfortunate soul may have to look upon my milky thighs in the near future. In moderation, maybe not giving a damn isn’t such a fucking bad idea.