Some people love easily. It seems to flow freely from them, hugging everyone they encounter. Like a disease, they spread it around to anyone who comes in close proximity. And it’s easy loving them back, because its difficult not to reciprocate such an unquestioning and undemanding feeling of simply being loved.

It probably constitutes nirvana if all people had this disease. Can you only imagine how constantly warm and fuzzy you’d feel, being loved by everyone who meets you?

The spicier side of this life is that more people are unable to love freely. They have love on tap and they can close that tap on command. I refuse to believe that it is inherent and thus I come to the heartbreaking conclusion that they became that way. An unloved child. An unloved spouse. An unloved sibling or friend. What pain did they suffer that lead to them keeping their love locked up inside, saving it for someone who won’t use it to hurt them? We’ll rarely find out. We’ll just dismiss them as cold and unfeeling and assholes.

While we cannot judge the hurt or the lost, we often end up on the receiving end of a closed love-tap. Casing point: break ups. Two people loving each other more than themselves for years and years and when things go south, they stop. Suddenly, they say awful things. They ignore you. They dismiss you. They close off that tap of love because you don’t deserve a place in their heart anymore? They won’t share their precious supply with you anymore.

The lovers are the only ones getting hurt here. Can you stop loving a puppy because he bit through your shoe? A lover can find it difficult to understand why they don’t deserve to be loved anymore because a lover’s first inclination after a break up is never to stop loving. They can’t. They will still love, still want to fix, smile, share and care. Even if it’s unreciprocated. They’ll endure any backlash, outlash, ass kicking and hurt, because they never kill off a relationship. Because every one they have loved once, is rewarded an honorary place in a lover’s heart.

Lovers, take caution. Because if you don’t keep your love flowing, if you hurt too much, if you start thinking of yourself as undeserving, you’ll end up an unloved partner or spouse, an unloved sibling or friend, and next time around, you’ll close off your tap to ensure no one gets to pour your love on the ground ever again.

Because its easier to be an asshole than a puppy.