Adulting is difficult. We see no need to make it any harder by impoverishing yourself or living with a ruined or uncooperative wardrobe.

As such, being poor, lazy and innovative, we have a few clothing hacks to save your closet and your budget leaving more time and money to binge watch series and buy indecent lingerie instead.

  1. Spend decent money on key pieces and fill out the rest of your wardrobe with cheap accompanying pieces. This was one of the first things learned when we had to start funding our own wardrobes.  When putting together an outfit, choose one expensive item such as a proper pair of jeans or a Mango/Forever New/Woolworths/Old Khaki top, and pair that with the shirt from Ackermans or the jeggings from PnP Clothing. Be sure to make the expensive item the outfit’s centerpiece and chances are you’ll get away with no one noticing the cheap stuff. We like to invest in at least one decent pair of jeans, a decent white shirt, a decent black shirt (button downs FTW), a decent scarf and a decent coat for the rainy days. Fill out your work wardrobe with a decent pair of black pants and you’re all set.
  2. Handwash your precious pieces. This falls a bit far from the ‘lazy’ category, but if you’re looking to make your clothes last indefinitely, you won’t regret spending 6 minutes washing that expensive lacy top by hand.
  3. For the lazy ones then – you get glue, for clothing. It’s magical. You can create a hem easily by using this ingenious invention – no sewing ever!
  4. Re-evaluate your wardrobe each season to identify items that can go from summer to winter easily. Some summer dresses can seamlessly transform to a winter outfit with boots and summer items can often be used for layering. I have a light cardigan worn mostly during summer that layers well beneath nearly any winter jacket.
  5. You can still wear thinner jeggings as a top-layer during the winter by simply adding a pair of thermal tights beneath – there’s really no need to buy new pants (ever).
  6. Keep knitwear neat by keeping an old razor and shaving the fuzzies every once in a while. Lifetime expansion x 2, at least.
  7. Dying black pants with more black dye to restore it to its previous glory is not beneath any of us.
  8. Share clothes with your sistahs. In my case, I literally share clothes with my sister – we’re both the same size and both cheap enough. We’d each buy one pair of boots for the winter and when we’re tired of them mid-season, we swop them out. We’re doing the same now with jeggings and button downs. For those sistahs that aren’t the same size, consider an exchange program for scarfs and accessories.
  9. To complete the lazy section – always be sure to have two or three reliable, solid outfits you can put on anytime and it’ll look great. You know, for those mornings you simply don’t know what to wear. Save yourself time and crying.
  10. When you’re shopping for new pieces, look for items that won’t wrinkle easily. Nothing ruins your morning like taking something from the laundry bin and looking exactly like that’s what you did. If it doesn’t wrinkle then no one needs to know.
  11. Transform your look easily by rolling your hems – a small roll can easily stop your pants’ hems from interfering with your pumps and a jegging can be taken from business to casual with an easy roll-up to create a capri look.
  12. Keep your closet under control by establishing a simple rule that for every one new item, and old one myust go. Donate them to sisters, friends or charity, if you must. This may help you avoid one day having to buy a bigger house to store all your excess clothing – I swear that this is a real danger.
  13. Use the two outfit rule – before you buy anything, be sure that there are at least two things already in your closet it’ll go well with.
  14. Ask for clothes for your birthday. It seems a bit odd but if you’re drooling over that one coat but you simply can’t afford it and you have a birthday coming up… well, maybe someone else can afford it.
  15. Do online window shopping. Whenever I feel like a new outfit or a new piece, I window shop on Zando, Spree and the major retail stores’ websites first. I’m much less likely to buy something then, and I get a much better idea of what I want and need and can actually use so I’m less likely to walk into a store and buy everything.

We’re always looking to add more money saving clothing hacks to our repertoire. Please shares yours below!