To The Girl Who Loved Him Before

I am lucky enough to love the man you loved before. The man who stands by my side, was once yours to hold and cherish and keep safe. I’m not trying to be cruel, but thank you. Thank you for being a chapter in his life. Thank you for letting him move on so I could find him and be happy with him.

You loved this man. You weren’t mean to him, you showed him love and respect and kindness. Thank you for not hurting him. You taught him how to manage conflict, emotions, passion, and PMS in a relationship. You showed him love, lust and adventure. You filled his life with happy memories, even though it’s been years. Thank you.

I know you still cross his mind. You helped him through dark times, through heartbreak and drama. You helped him make good choices and stood by him when he made poor choices. You didn’t just want him for his money or his body, you loved him. I’m sure you had bad times too. I’m sure you had heartache and pain. I’m sure you cried over him – I wasn’t there to witness any of this. Thank you.

He has grown with you and is a better person because of it. When he speaks of you, he says only gentle, kind things. You were an important piece of his life. You made an effort for him, you changed yourself for him. You are pretty and smart and adventurous and spontaneous. And now he can appreciate all these qualities about me. Not because he wishes I were you, but because you taught him to value and cherish it. I get to enjoy this man every day and enjoy my life with him because you built him up instead of tearing him down. This confident, strong, balanced, perfect man I have. Thank you.

Please know that I really do think you’re something special – you had to be for him to love you. Thank you.


Your Ex Boyfriend’s Girlfriend