IMG-20160803-WA0014Business Casual was founded by two young professionals in Pretoria, South Africa. We were desperately trying to find a blog to help us cope with entering the workforce after university, office days and general corporate-life realities. We started digging into South African blogs to find this… we found fashion, music, art, got completely addicted to Buzzfeed by accident, finance, more fashion, entrepreneurship, and overall a bunch of hipsters blogging from Cape Town about fedoras and things (or whatever hipsters are into now).

Not finding the right mix of ‘business’ and ‘casual’ in one blog, we started Business Casual. The name kind of speaks for itself. We write about our lives as young South African professionals, having entered the corporate world and are now clinging by our nails to the casual side of our lives. We write for young professionals, fresh from university/school and ready to change the world – then finding out it’s waaaay harder than it sounds. We write to bring balance to the workplace for young professionals, addressing all aspects of our daily lives and encounters as we struggle from paycheck to paycheck (for now), all the while wanting to, in a most Freudesque fashion, only really wanting to crawl back to the womb of the carefree student life.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, send us a mail anytime – we’d love to hear from you!