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Dear Fat Girl. With love, Dear Life

I’ve previously blogged about finding strength in those around you, when you simply can’t disappoint them. There’s a horrible flip side to this – when you do. You do disappoint those who believe in you. Every now and again, you… Continue Reading →

Quarter Life Crises

Okay, here’s the truth – a quarter of the truth, at least. Because I’ve recently hit the Quarter Life Milestone – 25. Truth is, since turning 25 I’ve been a bit obsessed with being 25, and not in a good… Continue Reading →

Dear Fat Girl: The Final Straw

So, dear reader, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an updated blog article about my health journey. A lot has happened in the meanwhile and a comment I received on my “Dear fat girl: the calm before the storm”… Continue Reading →

Warm and Fuzzies of Curly Woes

Oh, how often I have heard the words: “I wish my hair would have those curls, it would be so much easier!”. This is the type of ignorance rampant in the minds of straight-haired folk. The only suitable response is… Continue Reading →

It’s not inside, it’s on top

At some stage or another, all of us have experienced the crippling feeling of worthlessness. That horrible, choking feeling that you’re just not good enough. I’m sure we can experience it in a number of situations or due to a… Continue Reading →

Writing without Reservations

All writers (also aspiring writers, non-writers who are forced to write and people who just occasionally has something to say) have had the feeling of sitting down, staring at the screen and then feel the horrifying feeling of nothingness. Nothing…. Continue Reading →

Dear Fat Girl: 10 Types of people you find in the gym

So, I will tell you now that I am writing this article because of all the time I have been spending in the gym; do not believe me! I have been trying to go to the gym 5 times per… Continue Reading →

Dear Fat Girl: Diary entries for the good, the bad and the ugly

Dear reader, I have written 3 posts about my healthy living journey. Today I am posting a diary entry blog post about my journey for the past 4 weeks. If you would like to only see my results and not… Continue Reading →

Dear fat girl: Let’s do this (The calm before the storm)

I wrote this article on the same day I went to see the dietician (11 January 2016) and forgot to post it: I know there are girls that judge me and laugh at me behind my back. People that look… Continue Reading →

Dear fat girl: The letter

As I mentioned in my first article, I got this idea to write a letter to myself from a post I saw on Buzzfeed. I am writing my future healthy (not skinny) self, a letter. Maybe we will all be… Continue Reading →

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