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Dear Fat Girl: Diary entries for the good, the bad and the ugly

Dear reader, I have written 3 posts about my healthy living journey. Today I am posting a diary entry blog post about my journey for the past 4 weeks. If you would like to only see my results and not… Continue Reading →

Dear fat girl: Let’s do this (The calm before the storm)

I wrote this article on the same day I went to see the dietician (11 January 2016) and forgot to post it: I know there are girls that judge me and laugh at me behind my back. People that look… Continue Reading →

Dear fat girl: The letter

As I mentioned in my first article, I got this idea to write a letter to myself from a post I saw on Buzzfeed. I am writing my future healthy (not skinny) self, a letter. Maybe we will all be… Continue Reading →

Dear fat girl: the story behind the story

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a few health issues (putting it lightly). I think, without me knowing, I always used these issues to justify myself to other people as to why I am not skinny. It is… Continue Reading →

The Bigger Stuff

The word innovation (from the Latin innovare) has been horribly overused these past few years, almost tripling in use since the 60’s. We innovate to bring new things to life – ideas become reality and the impossible is made possible…. Continue Reading →

Nosce te Ipsum: Know Thyself

You know how some days, very old and vague memories start creeping up on you for no reason? Leaving you happy, melancholic, ashamed? Strange. This morning I woke up and while getting ready for work I started thinking about my… Continue Reading →

The Corporate Facepalm: Sending an angry email

Yes. I finally did the one thing you should never, ever do. I sent an angry email. My father would not be proud. The corporate environment often creates gaps for being an effing retard. Going against your own better judgment… Continue Reading →

Planning a minimalistic kitchen tea

By this time, every person reading this blog knows that I was a bridesmaid for one of my friends. If not, I am 23 and had to be 1 of three bridesmaids for my 23-year-old friend who got married on… Continue Reading →

12 things you need in your home by the time you are 25

When moving into your own place for the first time, you are very quick to learn exactly how little things we really need. Wall clock? Pfff. But as you start to reach equilibrium, finding balance between your money and your… Continue Reading →

How to organise a mixed bachelor-ette

The specific bridal party for whom I was organising their bachelor and bachelorette (bachelor-ette) wanted a mixed party. They are the typical couple that likes spending time together and partying together. To be honest, I am also like this, so… Continue Reading →

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