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The price of success

Due to reasons I don’t want to explain, I recently searched a stock image site with the keyword being “success”. I expected the usual images – tall mountains and people jumping and upward-pointing graphs. What I got instead actually took… Continue Reading →

Obvious signs you’re dating a keeper

I’ll be the 1millionth person to say it: Trust your gut. Something that “looks great on paper” also makes for unhappy marriages and divorced parents and infidelity and heartbreak. Your gut, though, never lies. If something feels off, fuck off… Continue Reading →

12 things you need in your home by the time you are 25

When moving into your own place for the first time, you are very quick to learn exactly how little things we really need. Wall clock? Pfff. But as you start to reach equilibrium, finding balance between your money and your… Continue Reading →

Things nobody tells you about living alone

“How are you settling into your new place?” They ask. You reply with “It’s great!” And the first few weeks, it is. Being a grown up is great. There are a few things nobody tells you about living alone: It… Continue Reading →

New beginnings after stormy weather

These past few months, a lot of things changed in my life. Ironically enough, absolutely nothing changed for me personally – all the changes happened to the people around me. My parents, my SO, my sister. So I wouldn’t be… Continue Reading →

Decompressing after work

Starting out a career is tough. In our quest to prove ourselves we end up taking work home (not a bad thing per se) and soon we find ourselves dreaming about work that needs to be done tomorrow or laying… Continue Reading →

Breaking the monotony

The alarm goes off, you get up all rested and fresh. Brush your teeth with vigor, looking smart. Arrive at the office, turn your PC on and start working on the 46 emails already waiting in your inbox. The day… Continue Reading →

The Sleeper’s enemy: morning alarms

I really love sleeping. I would sleep all day. I would sleep in the bed, I would sleep in a shed. I will sleep in a car, I will sleep in a bar. On the floor or against the door…. Continue Reading →

The secret life of an introvert

My mom has recently started accusing me of being a hermit. I’m not sure myself when this started happening, but I really enjoy spending time on my own. I read a cool quote this evening: “Are you in a bar… Continue Reading →

Loadshedding Survival Guide

Living in South Africa, loadshedding is a lovely new initiative to raise our anxiety levels. However, it’s surprising how quickly we got used to this new punishment introduced to our lives. Not many of us are in the fortunate position… Continue Reading →

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