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The employee is paying the employer

Repost from LinkedIn:¬†¬† As a consumer I want something in return if I paid for it: when I pay insurance I get peace of mind, when I pay banking fees, I get their service and security, when I pay a… Continue Reading →

Dear Fat Girl. With love, Dear Life

I’ve previously blogged about finding strength in those around you, when you simply can’t disappoint them. There’s a horrible flip side to this – when you do. You do disappoint those who believe in you. Every now and again, you… Continue Reading →

Past 9-5, but the work’s never done

Millennials have earned an extraordinary reputation for needing flexible hours to work. Being a night owl, university allowed me to work whenever I want (at the risk of sounding like a prostitute – I do some of my best work… Continue Reading →

Two-faced or just the other cheek?

You have finally settled into your new office. You’re not the “new guy” anymore, you’ve made a few friends and you have your own mug in the kitchen cupboard. Your desk finally looks like it is occupied by a contributing… Continue Reading →

Like A Boss

We all hear stories about them, and chances are you will have at least one during the course of your life. I am, of course, referring to a boss. Now, it is worth noting that having a boss is not… Continue Reading →

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