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The employee is paying the employer

Repost from LinkedIn:  As a consumer I want something in return if I paid for it: when I pay insurance I get peace of mind, when I pay banking fees, I get their service and security, when I pay a… Continue Reading →

Most important people you need to make friends with at work

Being friendly at work goes a long way to making each day more enjoyable. But in the office, it goes a longer way to be very friendly to the right people. Though you should probably strive to be really nice… Continue Reading →

10 Things The Office taught us

The Office (An American Workplace) finished in 2013. It still remains one of my favourite series of all times, filled with the absolute ordinary. Which is 1) relatable and 2) full of good points. Here is what The Office teaches… Continue Reading →

6 Ways to use Pinterest for work

Social media have become an integral part of our society. If someone’s not on Facebook, we seriously question their entire existence. In certain cases social media can not only provide a platform for relaxation, but also be used for work…. Continue Reading →

Past 9-5, but the work’s never done

Millennials have earned an extraordinary reputation for needing flexible hours to work. Being a night owl, university allowed me to work whenever I want (at the risk of sounding like a prostitute – I do some of my best work… Continue Reading →

Decompressing after work

Starting out a career is tough. In our quest to prove ourselves we end up taking work home (not a bad thing per se) and soon we find ourselves dreaming about work that needs to be done tomorrow or laying… Continue Reading →

Two-faced or just the other cheek?

You have finally settled into your new office. You’re not the “new guy” anymore, you’ve made a few friends and you have your own mug in the kitchen cupboard. Your desk finally looks like it is occupied by a contributing… Continue Reading →

10 tips for coping with colleagues

Working in an office bears a striking resemblance to a packet of gummy bears. Here you are, in this packet, with a bunch of different looking, different tasting, different acting gummies (read colleagues). Though you don’t like some of them,… Continue Reading →

5 things my dads taught me

While we seldom heed the wise words of our parents, once you become an adult the strangest thing starts happening – you find yourself in situations at work, in social settings, alone, when suddenly you hear them – your parents’… Continue Reading →

Dear Diary: Keeping a work journal

Keeping a work journal is something I only recently started doing (because previously it would have been totally useless, the equivalent of writing what I had for lunch each day). However, I found it enormously helpful already. Okay, don’t be… Continue Reading →

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