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The employee is paying the employer

Repost from LinkedIn:  As a consumer I want something in return if I paid for it: when I pay insurance I get peace of mind, when I pay banking fees, I get their service and security, when I pay a… Continue Reading →

The Year of Efficiency

ef·fi·cien·cy əˈfiSHənsē/ noun noun: efficiency the state or quality of being efficient. “greater energy efficiency” synonyms: organization, order, orderliness, regulation, coherence; More productivity, effectiveness “we need to make changes to improve efficiency” competence, capability, ability, proficiency, adeptness, expertise, professionalism, skill,… Continue Reading →

It’s not inside, it’s on top

At some stage or another, all of us have experienced the crippling feeling of worthlessness. That horrible, choking feeling that you’re just not good enough. I’m sure we can experience it in a number of situations or due to a… Continue Reading →

Writing without Reservations

All writers (also aspiring writers, non-writers who are forced to write and people who just occasionally has something to say) have had the feeling of sitting down, staring at the screen and then feel the horrifying feeling of nothingness. Nothing…. Continue Reading →

Two-faced or just the other cheek?

You have finally settled into your new office. You’re not the “new guy” anymore, you’ve made a few friends and you have your own mug in the kitchen cupboard. Your desk finally looks like it is occupied by a contributing… Continue Reading →

How to deal with your partner studying

After completing my Master’s Degree part-time in a year, I was writing my acknowledgements for the final published copy. It was a long list of people who carried me through times when really I wanted to smother myself with a… Continue Reading →

10 Survival Tips for studying while you work

Not all of us are fortunate enough to study full-time and many resort to distance learning – the cheaper option, no doubt. Last year, out of fear of being overqualified when I entered the workplace, I started working full-time and… Continue Reading →

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