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The employee is paying the employer

Repost from LinkedIn:  As a consumer I want something in return if I paid for it: when I pay insurance I get peace of mind, when I pay banking fees, I get their service and security, when I pay a… Continue Reading →

The price of success

Due to reasons I don’t want to explain, I recently searched a stock image site with the keyword being “success”. I expected the usual images – tall mountains and people jumping and upward-pointing graphs. What I got instead actually took… Continue Reading →

Clothing hacks for when you’re cheap and lazy

Adulting is difficult. We see no need to make it any harder by impoverishing yourself or living with a ruined or uncooperative wardrobe. As such, being poor, lazy and innovative, we have a few clothing hacks to save your closet… Continue Reading →

The Year of Efficiency

ef·fi·cien·cy əˈfiSHənsē/ noun noun: efficiency the state or quality of being efficient. “greater energy efficiency” synonyms: organization, order, orderliness, regulation, coherence; More productivity, effectiveness “we need to make changes to improve efficiency” competence, capability, ability, proficiency, adeptness, expertise, professionalism, skill,… Continue Reading →

It’s not inside, it’s on top

At some stage or another, all of us have experienced the crippling feeling of worthlessness. That horrible, choking feeling that you’re just not good enough. I’m sure we can experience it in a number of situations or due to a… Continue Reading →

The Bigger Stuff

The word innovation (from the Latin innovare) has been horribly overused these past few years, almost tripling in use since the 60’s. We innovate to bring new things to life – ideas become reality and the impossible is made possible…. Continue Reading →

The Corporate Facepalm: Sending an angry email

Yes. I finally did the one thing you should never, ever do. I sent an angry email. My father would not be proud. The corporate environment often creates gaps for being an effing retard. Going against your own better judgment… Continue Reading →

12 things you need in your home by the time you are 25

When moving into your own place for the first time, you are very quick to learn exactly how little things we really need. Wall clock? Pfff. But as you start to reach equilibrium, finding balance between your money and your… Continue Reading →

Putting things on pedestals

You know how the age-old story goes – when we were 14, we thought “turning 16 will be awesome”. Then we blinked and turned 16 and we thought “man, I can’t wait to turn 18”. We made the mistake to… Continue Reading →

Most important people you need to make friends with at work

Being friendly at work goes a long way to making each day more enjoyable. But in the office, it goes a longer way to be very friendly to the right people. Though you should probably strive to be really nice… Continue Reading →

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