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Date the wrong person

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Date that douchebag who treats you like shit. It’s a matter of time before you find yourself in a really nasty relationship – chances are, you already have. Either way, once upon a time… Continue Reading →

Punching Something

I wish I were punching more than keys on my keyboard tonight. One of the greatest human flaws is undeniably our haste. Impatience at getting what we want. Yes, some people were blessed with more patience than others. We’ll thank… Continue Reading →

Dear Fat Girl. With love, Dear Life

I’ve previously blogged about finding strength in those around you, when you simply can’t disappoint them. There’s a horrible flip side to this – when you do. You do disappoint those who believe in you. Every now and again, you… Continue Reading →

Quarter Life Crises

Okay, here’s the truth – a quarter of the truth, at least. Because I’ve recently hit the Quarter Life Milestone – 25. Truth is, since turning 25 I’ve been a bit obsessed with being 25, and not in a good… Continue Reading →

Everything in life; it all comes down to one thing: what you do next

The title of this post is all you need to read. I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I came across this phrase. It may have been slightly different and I remembered it wrong… who knows. That being… Continue Reading →

Bridesmaid on a budget

We are all at THAT age. Yes, that age where everyone is either getting married, having children or getting very drunk every night. I was lucky enough to get chosen as one of three bridesmaids for my 23-year-old friend’s wedding…. Continue Reading →

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