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Forms and Policies

EEA1 Form

Employee Declaration (54KB)


Occupational Levels (9KB)

EEA13 Form

Employment Equity Plan (202KB)

FP&M SETA Mandatory Grant Policy


EE Manager Appointment Form


Inseta Sector Skills Plan

2020-2025 (1.2MB)

EEA2 Form


EEA10 Form

Occupational Categories (17KB)

EEA14 Form

Director-General Notification (60KB)

Inseta Discretionary Grant Policy


SAQA and understanding NQF Levels

2012 (382KB)

EEA4 Form

Income Differential Statement (90KB)

EEA12 Form

Reporting on Analysis (127KB)

TETA Sector Skills Plan

2019-2020 (1.68MB)

SAQA NQF Level Descriptions


National Skills Development Policy III


Acts and Regulations


Published 2016 (800KB)

OHS Act (Amended)

Published 2004 (350KB)

Employment Equity Amendment Act

Published 2013 (394KB)

Skills Development Act

Amended 2010 (421KB)

Prepare & Monitor EE Plan

Published 2017 (377KB)

B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice (Amendments)

Published 2017 (1.9MB)

Labour Relations Act

Published 1995 (888KB)

Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA)

Published 1997 (135KB)

Whitepapers and Reports

Employment Equity Booklet

Understanding the essence of EE and how it affects businesses (839KB)

SDF Corp Group Company Profile

Complete Company Profile (