Supplier Development is the process of working with suppliers already in your Supply Chain on a one-on-one basis to improve their performance for the benefit of the buying organisation (you).

If your suppliers have a turnover of over R10million, you need to promote their BEE compliance or switch to a new supplier that are compliant to prevent them negatively affecting your BEE compliance.

Determine the impact of your current suppliers on your BEE score.

Risk management to mitigate your potential loss of market share due to non-compliance.

Create an action plan to promote Supplier Development wit minimal disruption

How SDF Commodities helps Supplier Development:

Determine how many of your current suppliers are BEE compliant or not

Calculate the amount of spend on non-compliant suppliers and its BEE impact

With your team we move to risk management to determine the long-term negative impact of non-compliant suppliers

Our risk management calculations considers a potential loss of market share due to a declining BEE score

We utilise SDF Commodities as a middle man for your supply chain to make your suppliers more BEE compliant, with minimal operational impact

Your suppliers will start to positively impact your BEE score and you can more readily compete for market share without disrupting your supply chain

Our group of companies work together to provide you with


Skills Development
SDF Corp handles your WSP and ATR submissions to secure funding for Skills Programmes through Mandatory and Distretionary SETA grants


Employment Equity
Our approach to Employment Equity is strategic and honest, and includes your employees in each step to minimise risk while promoting compliance


A proven strategic approach to get you the B-BBEE level you need, working with what you already have to make the most of BEE compliance


Maximise your Enterprise and Supplier Development through enterprise incubation to build a sustainable supply chain, without adding to your burden


HR and IR
Nurture sustainable employee relations, ensuring the right systems are in place to prevent issues before they happen and handling issues correctly when they do


Health and Safety
We provide a range of Occupational Health and Safety Services to ensure your compliance is easy and hassle-free, whether you work in an office, factory, or classroom


We help you plan AND execute on Skills Programmes with accredited training and Learnerships that has the success of learners at its core to help them succeed 


At SDF Corp, you aren’t one of a million. Our approach is to work closely alongside your team, and to function as part of your team. Your success is our success, and we are proud to produce strategic solutions that are the perfect fit for your needs

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