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Well, as with the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) I could post 20 questions here and you could, and Probably would answer yes to at least 15 of them. The first question should be: Have you ever had inappropriate sexual contact with an older male or female in your life?

For a lot of us, it is that simple, but for some survivors, it is not. Many of us remember the abuse and feel that we have dealt with it because we have pushed it to the back of our minds, and we “don’t think about it any more”  (Wrong)

Then there are those of us that don’t remember the abuse at all, and suffer from what is termed “Dissociative Identity Disorder” or DID. This would be what they called Multiple personality Disorder in the old days, But before you run of screaming, it is not that bad.

What has happened is that the abuse was so bad, that the person forms a different personality to deal with that pain, and the you that walks talks and functions daily, does not remember the abuse. So the question remains, how do I know if I was abused and if the abuse affects me in my day to day living.

Now come the questions

If you have suffered CSA (Childhood Sexual Abuse) in your past then you will display one or more of the following (And this list is by no means comprehensive):

* Do you drink excessive alcohol or are you an alcoholic?
* Do you abuse any other substances Marijuana, Coke, Tik, Psychological prescription drugs?
* Do you abuse food and have become obese?
* Do you lack self-confidence?
* Do you lack long term friendships?
* Do you hate authoritarian figures?
* Do you suffer from sexual addictions?
* Do you abuse Pornography?
* Do you Masturbate excessively?
* Are you married but feel the need to sleep with other men?
* Do you have extramarital affairs with either men or woman or both?
* Do have doubts about your sexuality?
* Are you a compulsive over-worker?
* Are you a compulsive gambler?
* Are you a compulsive shopper?
* Are you a compulsive exerciser or Gym Bunny?
* Are you extremely Homophobic?
* And do you suffer from extreme Rage and Violence?

The above are a few questions, and if you know of CSA in your past, then you will know, and these questions will provide confirmation to the question that you are asking.

Don’t let CSA affect your life any more than it already has.  We have a saying, Don’t let the perpetrator control your life for one more day.  Take your life back today.

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