The first organization in Africa to support and talk about male survivors of sexual abuse.

Fast SA – for survivors

Fast. S.A (The Family And Survivors Trust Of South Africa)  Runs Peer Support Groups For Female and Male Survivors of Rape an Sexual Abuse
Meetings are Gender Specific so that men and woman feel comfortable enough to share their stories.  Each Group will be facilitated by a survivor wherever possible.
Sometimes the effects of Childhood sexual abuse only become evident in the Survivors when they reach their “midlife” crisis. This is for the woman around the mid to late  thirties, and for the men in their early to late forties. When the adults reach this age they tend to have a breakthrough crisis and many old memories will come out and “haunt” you.
There  is nothing wrong with this and it is the minds way of dealing with the problem. Although scary, if you have assistance, it does bring on to a better point in your life.  It is always good to get the old secrets out.

FAST SA also has support groups for the survivors  families, where we help the family to deal with the effects of the abuse on their loved ones lives. We will help the families to deal with Drug addiction, alcoholism, Sex addiction, Porn addiction and in general Low self esteem problems
We will also help the families to support and not enable the survivors and give pointers as to how to best deal with the various problems that arise out of this.

For the families it is also important that you do not get enmeshed in the survivors recovery. The survivors recovery is their own, it is not something that you can do.  We will at Fast Sa help you to watch for the warning signs of becoming Co-Dependent.
It is extremely important for the families to also recover from the effects of the sexual abuse on their partners, as it will get to a point where the Survivor changes and the partners are left reeling and angry. The Effects off the abuse on the family unit are tremendous.

Fast. SA has a combination of resources that help the Survivors, We have a 21 Step program that helps survivors recover from the effects of the Abuse, that is called the Survivor to Thriver program.The Program is designed by Psychologists, and assists Survivors to recover from their Abusive pasts.

You are not alone, There are many people that have endured what you have and mostly you must know that this was NOT YOUR FAULT.  Join us and begin your healing process.

These meetings are designed with one objective in mind and that is to help you recover from Sexual abuse and rape and to claim back your life.

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