The first organization in Africa to support and talk about male survivors of sexual abuse.

Many male survivors have doubts about their sexuality, there will be confusion and that is very hard to understand and deal with.
So… First step you must understand that you are a victim of CSA, and to understand all the ramifications of this. The next step is to…DO NOT LABEL YOURSELF.

Don’t go thinking that you are Gay or Bi or Hetro. Confused yes, but it is important to just be yourself at this point and to avoid the labels.
Often what happens is that men who are sexually abused will develop an attraction to their abusers, it is like Pavlov’s dogs, if you tell them that they are cats for long enough, they will eventually think that they are.

Often the abuser will tell the child that they love them, and they will tell the child that the reason he gets excited (you know the little man has a mind of his own) is because he likes it and therefore he likes men, so it becomes a matter of imprinting rather than “I was born gay.”

Again, Not all is that simple with CSA victims, some could really be gay, but in studies conducted, it was found that the child’s sexuality is generally kind of set out before the age of four, after that, it becomes imprinting. (How this study was conducted I don’t know).

So the bottom line is this. If you are confused about what you are, and I don’t mean if you are still a teen, but rather a young adult, then the first thing as mentioned before is to Not Label Yourself.
The next major issue is to contact us so we can get you a good therapist, and then you will start to work on your issues relating to CSA. Once you have been in therapy for a bit, the answers will start coming out all by themselves.

Once you are a whole healed person, your mind and body will know what you really are.

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