Other effects on Adult Victims

* When things go wrong it is generally my fault* This leads to distrust of self AND one’s feelings* Trust – can’t trust anyone, especially those close to you* My feelings and the expression of my feelings is either not allowed or not important* When the act occurred they received some kind of pleasure which […]

Effects of Sexual Abuse on Adult Men

Well, as with the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) I could post 20 questions here and you could, and Probably would answer yes to at least 15 of them. The first question should be: Have you ever had inappropriate sexual contact with an older male or female in your life? For a lot of us, it is […]

Myths about Male Sexual Abuse

Myth 1: Victims will go on to abuse children Although this is true in a sense it is only a very small percentage of men that do go on to abuse children. From current research it seems that only about 7% of all male survivors will go on to abuse, sexually, children. Survivors of sexual […]

Sexual Identity Issues

SexualityMany male survivors have doubts about their sexuality, there will be confusion and that is very hard to understand and deal with.So… First step you must understand that you are a victim of CSA, and to understand all the ramifications of this. The next step is to…DO NOT LABEL YOURSELF. Don’t go thinking that you are […]

Fast SA – for survivors

Fast. S.A (The Family And Survivors Trust Of South Africa)  Runs Peer Support Groups For Female and Male Survivors of Rape an Sexual AbuseMeetings are Gender Specific so that men and woman feel comfortable enough to share their stories.  Each Group will be facilitated by a survivor wherever possible.Sometimes the effects of Childhood sexual abuse […]